Saturday, January 06, 2007

The 40-Year Old Virgin: Better than I Thought

Ok, this does not mean that I bedded a 40-year old virgin. This is not the University of Terri. Not to mention that I'm married to a not-yet 40-year old hottie myself. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Kevin ordered this movie recently. I was just dorking around online while he was watching it. I really had no intention of watching it and even thought I might have to leave the room because it would be annoying, but it sucked me in. This is actually not only a funny, but a sweet movie. I was quite pleasantly surprised. The cast was great and worked well together. I was also surprised that Catherine Keener was in it--she tends to do quality work, so that made me think twice about it. It was a pretty quality movie as it turns out.

I mean, don't get me wrong. It was silly as all get out and certainly not for children. And my friend Loretta was right to wax poetic about the ending. But my time is pretty precious to me, and I thought it was worth watching. I even had to put Zane back to sleep at least 3 times and come back down to finish the movie. That says a lot, because I often just give up and go to sleep instead of bothering to get him back to sleep and sneak away without waking him. So, it was a three-sneaker. Check it.

Oh, and I couldn't resist this, when I was at Amazon...

Too funny!



Amy said...

Do you not watch The Office? I am a huge fan of Steve Carrell - I couldn't wait to watch this movie when it came out. :-)

Terri said...

ha! I've seen it. I feel like I should love it more than I do. Mostly, I watch Dora the Explorer and the Muppets on TV.

Jules said...

Steve Carrell is a genius! I love The Office and this movie was GREAT! In fact, it's one I will watch over and over and laugh even harder each time!

Terri said...

The speed dating scene slayed me for some reason. The escaping boob is an old joke, but a good one.

Retta said...

Dora and the Muppets -lol- the joy of parenthood!
I was suprirsed at this one too, I thought "ugh, another stupid guy movie" which it was in a way but not an awful annoying one this time.