Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Landmark Education

I've been interested in personal development for well over a decade. One name that comes up over and over again is landmark education. I have not personally taken any landmark courses (yet), but have heard from a number of their graduates how useful the program has been for them.

I am intrigued landmark education for a few reasons:

1. Their reputation and what I've heard from graduates myself.

2. The results they promise are intriguing to say the least. Here is a quote: Graduates "report major, positive results in the following areas:

• The quality of their relationships.
• The confidence with which they conduct their lives.
• The level of their personal productivity.
• The experience of the difference they make.
• The degree to which they enjoy their lives."

3. Among other things, Landmark education uses the power of language to show you how to change your own life. That is a powerful tool.

If you have an interest in any of these results in your life, you should definitely check out landmark education.



Anonymous said...

Landmark is a very controversial group that has nothing to do really with education.
One should be very careful who you let mess with your brain.
They have a very good sub-rosa program going on with BS blog's just like this one.

David Evans said...

Hi Terri, just ran across your blog. Just another note from someone who did the Landmark Fourm. Amazing stuff! I wasn't nearly as openminded as you seem to be walking into it. Pretty much going only on the recommendation of a great friend but at the end was blown away. I say dooo it, dooo it :)

Anonymous said...

While some people think that Landmark is BS, it hard to explain how nearly a million people are satisfied customers.

Anonymous said...

They claim a million are satisfied, they also claim a lot of other stuff. read the links.
Read between the lines and see the truth.
A million ripped off is more like it.
Go to a "meeting" ask hard direct questions and see if you get a direct answer or a BS one that answers nothing.