Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Stylin' Aquarium

We had the worst aquarium back in Milwaukee. I had a feeling when we got it. Kevin tried to tell me I would "love the relaxing water sound". I just wasn't feeling it. It may have been an intuition come true. But it could be it wasn't just aquariums in general. It was a heinous air pump on ours that made it incredibly ridiculously loud and not at all relaxing.

Why didn't we just get a new one? Well, I don't know. We were always teetering on the brink of financial demise it seemed and aquarium products didn't seem as important as other things.

However, luckily, there is a website now who's sole mission it is to deliver high quality aquarium supplies at reasonable prices. At, you can get a wide variety of great supplies, including aquariums and fishtanks, aquarium decorations, aquarium aeration devices, backgrounds and books, and so much more!

They carry products for both fresh water and salt water fish tanks. They also are working on building community among the aquarium loving set with Ooooh, it's such a cute site, too. I also like the like of Nice and clean and easy to navigate. Check it out!

With them, we could even have a stylin' aquarium.


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