Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Eddie Murphy's Mom's Cheese Sauce

Do you remember that sketch that Eddie Murphy used to do where he talked about wanting McDonald's cheeseburgers and his mom always made cheeseburgers from scratch? And how different those mom-cheeseburgers were. Not at all McDonaldsy and not at all what Eddie had in mind.

We had a similar experience in my house today. Something got us on the topic of cheese sauce. And I decided I wanted cheese fries (gee, wonder why I'm not losing weight?). Not being from around here, we weren't quite sure where to get such a delicacy. I thought Arby's, but Kevin had to go to the store to get smokes and decided he would just make cheese fries.

Do not attempt to make cheese fries.

You know the sauce I'm talking about. You can get it on nachos or pretzels at the movie theater. It has a nice unnatural orange hue about it. It's probably out of my home state of Wisconsin. It doesn't need refrigeration, which should tell you something. I know this because we actually had a cheese sauce dispenser at my last place of employ for a while as a special employee treat. It's smooth and creamy and cheesy and I'm sure really wrong as a food.

Here is what Kevin made:
(Disclaimer: Kevin is generally a fabulous cook who does a whizbang job with everything in the kitchen. This was the exception.)

So proud. Is that a SLEEVE of cheese?:


Caspian also made this sandwich with the meal:

And Zane took his buttered roll, stuck it on his thumbs and slathered the butter all over his face.

It was one of the grosser meals we've had in sometime. Perhaps the grossest. It recalls bland dinner night in a weird way.

Caspian loved the cheese sleeve, I mean sauce.


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Mel said...




You poor thing...

Terri said...

heh heh. I had a sandwich, too. And once I hit on the Eddie Murphy reference it more or less got me out of eating the cheese sauce.

Anonymous said...

A jar of nacho orangey sauce would be nuked here! Or slabs of velveeta!

Terri said...

I REALLY thought that's what he was gonna come home with! But NO!