Monday, January 01, 2007

Crappy New Years

Doh! Well, it was. I actually have a history of crappy New Years. This may be one of the first where I actually fell asleep before midnight and just didn't care. In retrospect, I guess I'm a little disappointed, but at the time I didn't really care. It started out nicely with a visit to my friend Bam Bam's house to ask questions of my new tarot deck. Then Kevin made the best enchiladas EVER. AND, we FINALLY got pictures!!!

Kevin's Best Enchiladas Ever

After dinner, all sortsa shit started hitting the fan. Really it was just boys and puppies being boys and puppies, but I'd had enough of it. They were all being very difficult and requiring constant discipline. I got sick of it and Kevin thought I was being a biatch. There was probably some pee on the floor. There were some fireworks which scared the crap outta Zane. There was some coffee that spilled on the floor and yelling by Kevin. I took Zane to bed around 9:30 and that was it for both of us. Kevin came in to kiss me at midnight, but I barely budged. Apparently none of that made him real happy either.

So, Happy New Year! LOL. It seems somewhat better today, although Kevin wasn't too happy when I made him get up with me around 7:30 am because dealing with the dog and toddler in the morning just ain't cool. Again, oh well. Holidays around here... ::shakes head::


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