Sunday, January 14, 2007


Another kid-party related post. This is so funny. Just yesterday, Kevin was looking for kid party games. He searched online and found some of the weirdest games we ever had heard of. I don't know the link, but there was one where you make kids smell different flowers and identify what flowers they are. Well, that sounds sweet, but first of all, where would we get all these flowers in Washington in January, and second of all, those kids wouldn't be able to identify them! Maybe it's a sad commentary.

And then there were the games mentioning "the Bulgarians". There were also some adult games where you make someone drink a glass of wine and some where you make an appointment for someone else? Like what? A dental appointment? That's not a game, that's called being a wife! We thought it was very odd until Kevin realized he had found a Russian site. Nothing against Russians or Bulgarians, but it was just very funny to us. The cultural differences were quite obvious even though it was hard to spot at first.

So, then Bulgaria came up for me again today, when I read about sofia property. Apparently, Bulgaria has a lot going on! They were just accepted into the EU this month. There are beautiful beaches and resorts and great skiing.

Who knew? Sometimes living in the United States it's easy to become insular. It's great we have the internet to broaden our horizons. Yay, Bulgaria.


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