Sunday, January 07, 2007

You, Me, and Dupree

We DVR'd this last night. I've been having a really crappy few days, and this was a nice light movie, more or less. It was fun, I enjoyed it. Your basic romantic/comedy/buddy movie with a little bit of a twist? Well, I guess not so much a twist, just a little better than most. A little different. Not totally predictable. With a cast like Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson, Matt Dillon, and Michael Douglas, you have to expect it to be a little better than average. Hey, and that dude from 40-year old virgin was in it. I have to figure out his name. Seth Rogen. He's cool. It was worth the $3.99.



Misty said...

some interesting movie choices there... I hated You, Me and Dupree ... but I do LOVE Owen Wilson!

Retta said...

LOL ~ we watched this movie last weekend! It was surprisingly good. At first thought it seemed like such an odd cast, but it definitely worked.

lori said...

Thanks! I'm always looking for a good movie to watch.