Thursday, January 04, 2007

Magazines, Magazines, and More Magazines

Imagine a nice quiet house where the children are finally back in school. Perhaps a dishwasher is running after a little bit of cleaning. The baby is napping and so is the puppy. time. I'm imagining this because I'd like to experience it one day. I have hopes. At any rate, what do you do that that point? You pick up your favorite magazine, of course.

And now you can feel even better about your favorite magazines, because with this site, you can get subscriptions at the lowest authorized prices. They have a great selection as well. I searched for a little while, looking up all the magazines I could think of that I might like, and they were all there. InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Real Simple. They also have plenty of choices for home and garden and different hobbies. If you order a gift subscription, they'll mail the recipient a beautiful handwritten greeting card. That's nice.


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