Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Weightloss Wednesday: The Beginning

I haven't written this post yet today, because I can't get into the blog that started it all day! Well, here's the link, in case you can, but I didn't want to not participate for that silly reason. Weightloss Wednesday. I don't know why I can't get in right now.

So, I am bumming about my lack of progress. The weight I'm trying to lose is leftover from the over 60 lbs I gained while pregnant with Zane, 22 mos. I really thought that weight would be gone by now, but it's been much harder than I anticipated for a number of reasons. Althought, in the end, it is no one's fault but my own.

I about 24 lbs of baby weight without doing too much. Then I stalled. Then I joined Weight Watchers online. I lost some more weight. Then I stalled. Then I yo yo'd. I've been yo-yoing the same 5 or so lbs for probably a year now. Sigh. I don't mean this post to sound like such a bummer. I guess I'm just bummed about it.

So anyway, I am at the top of that 5 lbs of yo yo right now. I have about 30 more lbs to lose total. For now I guess I'm still doing Weight Watchers online, but I've been having a lot of challenges with it. I liked the points system, but I'm getting tired of recording all the time. And I don't find their new rollout very user-friendly. I liked it the old way better. Today I was trying to recommit and I couldn't even get in to my points tracker. Le sigh. My husband is an excellent cook and makes way too many fattening things. I have enlisted him to get more into the vegetable zone for me. He is very supportive but very skinny and eats whatever he wants of course. I REALLY need his help to do this as I hate to prepare food. Tonight he made these home made rolls that I have a very hard time resisting. I probably ate 3 or more. With butter. Dang. Other than that, I was pretty good today. Didn't track it because of the darn internet. I'm also still nursing Zane and that makes me hungrier, I think. And all the upheaval and stress in the past year hasn't helped. But...excuses, excuses.

To see more on my weight loss journey and the campaign I'm currently failing, check out the Solstice Slimdown on my other blog.

Thanks for reading all this. I'm a little sad. I am generally a real go-to kind of person. That it has taken me 2 years to lose this weight (and I haven't done it) is difficult for me to face. But I'm trying to face it and be accountable and do better. That job would HAVE to help, wouldn't it? Tune in next Wednesday to see how it's going... (or sooner!)

later edit: HEY, I finally got into the Weightloss Wednesday site!

I see they posted their weight on theirs so I can do that too!

I don't know what to use as a starting weight? Should I go whole hog and start with my heaviest? I guess I will. I think it will make me feel better.

Start Weight: 216
Goal Weight: 150
Total to lose: 66 lbs

Last Weigh In: 179.2
This Weigh In: 180.8
Total this week: +1.6

Total loss overall: 35.2
Total left to lose: 30.8

My goals for the next week:
Drink more water.
Get on program and stay there


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Retta said...

Looks like you and I are right about the same place so we'll have to kick each other a lot!
I wish I could blame Ethan for my squishyness but I lost all by baby weight, mine is all fresh, new and baby free darnit!

Good luck on your interview!!! :)