Friday, January 19, 2007

The Devil Wears Prada

I dug this movie. It was the perfect "everyone's-gone-to-bed-and-I-have-the-living-room-to-myself" movie. I think I even got to watch it in one sitting. Holy heck, somewhat unheard of. I don't really understand why Anne Hathaway always has to play the ugly duckling, but I guess it works. Maybe it's in her astrological chart? This was just fun. I mean, there was a little bit of a message and all, but mostly it's girl fun with clothes and accessories. Which is not to say the story wasn't good. It was. It definitely kept me interested. And I just liked watching what they kept doing with Anne's bangs. Yes, I'm feeling very deep these days.

And for those of you who still read books: (I love to read books, just have a hard time doing it these days!)



Jennifer said...

I enjoyed this movie... I've been wanting to watch it again, but I can't FIND it! I don't have a very big apartment, but it is hiding pretty well.

Anonymous said...

This is on my "To See" list....looks fun! On one of the cable channels, I saw how they took apart the car for the movie, so they could shoot the scenes in the backseat...that was cool!

Terri said...

Ha ha...Jenn. Happy searching and good luck.

Cool on the "making of", Deb. Definitely give it a go.

Colleen said...

Loved the book, and the movie. That reminds me - I just read 1st Wives Club- it was great! I saw the movie in 1996 when it came out, but I hadn't read the book. Now I'm going to watch the movie again.

RandomEncounters said...

I recently rented this movie from netflix and I also liked it. It's funny that you mention the ugly duckling thing, because I was also wondering why she always needs a makeover in her movies. I really liked it though!