Saturday, January 06, 2007

Beach Cruisers

I could definitely use some exercise to get myself going in the right direction as far as weight loss. In general, I'm not that in love with biking. However, these beach bikes could probably even get me on a bike. They are just so darn cute, they're hard to resist.

Really, how cute is that? For me, they hearken back to my childhood in the same spirit as the big ole banana seated bike that I decorated with streamers. Ahhhh...good times. And they're called beach cruisers. Imagine cruising down the beach on one of those. That would be good fun. Maybe I could take my dog. He could probably keep up at my rate.

I really like that sky blue color. A pink one would be sweet, too. What's even cooler? They are looking for input as to what would be your dream color for one of these stylin' rides. I think I'm leaning towards a purple.

You can also get these cute baskets to put on your beach cruiser.

Even better, they have instructions online as to how to install the basket once you get it home. Handy.

Of course, I'd want my man to join me on my rides around the neighborhood (or the beach). I'd have to say, he'd look sweet on the Rebel Chopper.

They even have some for the kids. How cool.


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