Friday, January 19, 2007


I don't believe in letting fear rule my life. However, having the added peace of mind that a Security System can bring does have a lot of benefits. I am pretty accustomed to them in the workplace, but this one is a nice model for the home.

The Lasershield is portable, easy to install, and can expand in order to connect multiple systems. It's a wireless unit that provies 24/7 monitoring perfect for a small office, home, or apartment. The unit is wireless, pet friendly, and also has a keychain alarm. Not only that, it's readily available at the following stores: Comp USA, Home Depot, Costco, Kmart, Montgomery Ward, and Sears. Now those are some benefits. If you're in the market for some added security, I'd definitely check it out.


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Jason J. said...

My name is Jason Jones, I am a sales manager for LaserShield Systems. I came across your blog and while you are correct on just about every point, I did want to let you know that we aren't available in store at all of the retailers you mentioned. We are in COMPUSA and HOME DEPOTS in Souther California, however the other retailers are online retailers only.
I am curious are you using a LaserShield? If you are interested in acquiring one, please call me, we can set something up for you. Our number is 1-800-ALARM-55 and I would love to hear from you. Just ask for Jason.


Jason Jones