Sunday, January 14, 2007

Money Money Money

So, how's everyone doing with money after the holidays? Well, if you've been following around here, we don't really have a huge amount of income these days. Hopefully, that is about to change. However, none of us are any strangers to loans, and I imagine if we really need to, we'd be able to get some money for at least the short term.

Of course, my mom has had her share of mortgages, including one on our current home. Kevin had a whopping student loan that he ignored until we were married and I forced him to deal with it. They were actually a number of loans that turned into debt consolidation loan. That was very handy indeed, and I'm sure saved us some money after all the money we squandered letting it go for so long. Oops. Well, I didn't feel qualified to nag until we were officially married. Of course, it's best to take care of these things rather than let them go. We're still paying on that one. But I've been helping Kevin and his credit score out, thankfully. Otherwise our only option might be a bad credit loan.

We've been working pretty hard to get all these things paid off, so hopefully we will be financially stable and debt free in the future. Perhaps even the near future. I guess a job might need to come first.


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Mel said...

I'd rather talk religion and politics than money!


Evil stuff---I don't even balance a checkbook....LOL

*covering eyes*