Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Attention Parents of Toddlers

If any of you do NOT have Fisher Price Little People, go right now and buy some. We got this for Christmas:

He LOVES this. He absolutely loves it. At first, he was really good about playing with them by himself. Now he still does sometimes, but we also hear a lot of "Play guys, Mommy" and "Play guys, Daddy."

We got some of the "guys" from my friend Erika, whose daughter is almost five now. One of my favorite guy memories is from a while ago, when I was talking to Erika on the phone and Emma was acting up (like they do). Erika said to Emma, quite sternly, "Emma, you go find yourself a guy and play with him."


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Retta said...

My boys lovvvved Little People when they were smaller. Then the Rescue Heroes or whatever they were called, I think we've still got a few of the Rescue Hero guys left, Ethan plays with them every now and then. Big tough action figurey things. We had soooo many of those darn little people, they start to take over the house!