Sunday, December 03, 2006

PPP Rap Smackdown: Terri Smacks LAURA

Allrighty then, the PayPerPost crew of staff and posties have been having some fun with a little game PayPerPost Prez Ted "Catfeesh" Murphy started. It's called the PPP Rap Smackdown. Here's the chain:

Ted smacked Colleen and told her to smack Chad
Colleen smacked Chad and told him to smack Julie
Chad smacked Julie and told her to smack Amy
Julie smacked Amy and told her to smack ME
Amy smacked me and told me to smack Laura.

Whew! You still with me?

Now, here's my smack to Laura, in which I instruct her to smack Sindy

I tried to enunciate as best I could while rapping, but here are lyrics, in case you missed any.

PPP Rap Smackdown on LAURA

Now Laura I don't know you
But Amy says you're dandy
Your bloggin' is so sweet
This is smackin' cotton candy

You say the PPP
has the whitest people evah

Girl that comes to haunt you next
if you think you so clevah

You got some groovy sites
right there on your computer
If you spent more time on Paul
He might not be out at Hooters

Which brings me to my next point
Girl, we all got sins
But your sweet hubby Paul
He sho likes hisself some twins

(You know what I'm talkin' 'bout.)

Carryin' those twins
Ain't no good for your back
And I notice girl
You sho like to type out ACK

You blog about your parts
Say you have seen Britney's
But you gotta wear Depends
When your mama makes yo' shit sneeze

(It's ok girl, I unnerstand.)

Laura you're my girl
I don't wanna get longwindy
Now my task to you
Is baby smackdown SINDY!


Also check out our Behind the Music for this vid over at Shameless Reality Show. Is it worth it? Probably not. But I did it anyway. I think YouTube cut off the funniest part--the ending. Oh well. (What a linky post this was!)


Amy said...

Hahahaha!!! Great lyrics, gangsta Terri!!! That's my homegirl right there, y'all.

Jules said...

OMG girl! That was freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Your lyrics are by far the best yet!

And the credits to your buzzing muthaboard! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Terri said...

Thanks Chicas!

Laura said...

This was so awesome. :-)

Terri said...

Heh heh...glad you liked it, Laura! It was fun to do. :)