Friday, November 03, 2006

I fixed my scale!!!

I fixed my scale! (Now I just need to fix my weight-durrr.) Maybe I could join a workout group with PayPerPost prez Ted Murphy. I weighed myself with the new batteries in my scale (had to test it out!) and wasn't too into what I saw. But I am still confused from last weeks weigh in. I am up from the 175 I got later in the day, but down from the 177 I got originally.

Am I ever gonna get below 175?????

Ok, I'm sure I will. Halloween sent me down a wrong road...

But hey, I want to tell you about where I got the batteries for my scale. I could not find them at 2 different grocery stores. They are a weird lithium battery. I gave up and searched online. I got them from MyVirtualZone for $2.50 and FREE SHIPPING!!!! So that was cool. I ordered them last Friday and got them yesterday or the day before. So, that was a little slow, but faster than going all over town and not finding them.

This post, although may appear to be an ad, is not. My ads and my life are converging.

Ok, "real" weigh in will happen on Monday. But I think we might have Mexican feast before that. Oh dear oh dear.


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