Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Excitement of a Cool Ride

We love our cars. It's a big part of our culture. We love fast cars. We love other peoples' cars. We especially love other peoples' fast cars.

Taking that into consideration, there is a lot of excitement about Drag Racing. Now, add on that people who have some of the fastest, coolest cars are going to race them against each other and whoever loses, LOSES THEIR RIDE. It's called PINKS and it's on

To really catch the excitement, tune in to the PINKS marathon on Nov 23, 2006. Yes, this is Thanksgiving in the United States. All the better. Just as that turkey is starting to put everyone to sleep, up the excitement on the family feast.

My ride isn't necessarily the fastest, but I do still love it, for different reasons. Let me tell you...

One thing I didn't disclose in the video is that when I first bought the car, I handed over the keys to my internet boyfriend, turned real life boyfriend to drive across the country so he could get his stuff and come back to move in with me. Talk about excitement! Hand your keys over to someone you just fell in love with and hope for the best. It made sense at the time, and it all worked out. But it was exciting.

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