Monday, November 06, 2006

The JOB Post

Takin' what they're givin' 'cuz we're workin' for a livin'.

I think I just severely dated myself.

Anyways (or is it newayz? Would that make me appear young? hah!) I thought I had a hard time explaining to people what I did for a living when I worked for Ten Chimneys.

We have been doing our darnedest here to find ways to stay home with the kids and so that Kevin can continue his work as a writer. We think we MAY have found enough streams of income to make it. These are things that can also grow and increase, so that's good. What do we do for a living? Are you sitting down?

I post for PayPerPost and I hope Kevin will too. (He has been too busy to get his blog approved.)

We have his Cafepress store, Shameless Humor.
He just made his first money as a new ChaCha guide.
Kevin is also looking into being an agent for LiveOps.
He is going to be cleaning a neighbor's house (no link to that).

I have been doing MySurvey (not much cash there)

I have been starting with Helium and MyLot

I've been on WritingUp for a while, but not making much. I haven't been there in while, either because we are working on a big project for Ten Chimneys.

Kevin is investigating opportunities in SecondLife.

And of course, there is always Kevin's writing and other creative projects.

(Sorry about the wonky spacing. Mercury Retrograde, mutter mutter.)

Wow, that MIGHT be all of them. But we are always investigating new opportunities. Of course, now we just need to find a few more hours in the day.



techie said...

What a selection of jobs. I hope it all works out. My wife would love to have me home. My goal on the internet is to make enough money to provide for our necessities. Then, any work that I do on top of that basically is gravy.

Charlene said...

It would be nice to get tapped into all things that are out there, but then when do I get off the inter Bnet?? And also when the company puts my $$ in the wrong place resulting my service interruption on SATURDAY MORNING!!!!!! I am forced to take A day off and go to the library to get back on track!!!! I am venting a tad I guess I am mad at SBC can you tell?? My goal right now is just to be able to pay the necessities.