Saturday, November 18, 2006

Voice 123 Announces Version 2.0

I think it's so cool how the internet is hooking up all sorts of people for business, friendship, and more. (We won't go into the more right now.) What's really interesting to me is how much easier it's getting to find certain kinds of jobs, and voice overs in particular.

Voice 123 is just such a handy resource for both those who offer their talents as voice over artists and the people who are looking for them. Voice over talent can register for free, view current job postings, and read testimonials from voice overs. If you're looking for voice over talent, you can let talents audition for your job, browse their database, and read testimonials from those who have employed voice over artists there.

Now, Voice123 is announcing Version 2.0. Their new system is said to be even easier for the voice-seeker. As a voice-seeker, they need to merely post a project, then Voice123 "finds the best talents out of thousands and invites them to audition and/or quote, best talent first," then the voice-seeker gets a few dozen auditions and/or quotes from which to choose and hires the person directly. And easier for the voice-seeker means better for the talent as well. Nice!


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