Friday, November 10, 2006

myLot: Got a Big Mouth? (or fast fingers?) Get paid for it!

Ok, you know I've been foraying into a lot of different online ventures. In fact, there are entire websites and blogs and squidoos that talk about nothing but how they make money online. I don't think I will go there. Well, not yet at least. Maybe because I am not yet making enough money online.

However, here is my latest obsession. Not quite sure it's a big moneymaker, but it's kinda funny. I really just became active tonight, but I'm enjoying it now.


I don't really know exactly how the payment works, but you have an account and you start discussions (like on a forum) about anything and everything and you reply to other people's discussions. And there is some rating involved as well. It's addictive, to be sure. I figure I'll just give it a go 'round for a while when I am too burned out to do any super deep thinking (like I do for this blog).

Check it out. If you click the link above and join, I get something from it. Not sure completely what. Isn't this an informative post? If you want to look for me there, my username is TerriStardust. Sounds exotic, no? (Well, no.)

Anyway, see ya at myLot! (Stop snickering, Heather. I still don't see you over there.) Get over there. Go on. Git.

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