Saturday, November 11, 2006

Return to the Land of the Sickos

Well, I woke up today with whatever it is that Zane and Kevin have been battling. This uck that clouds up your head and sits in the back of your throat. Uck. Head pounding. Tired. Patience: low. Mercury retrograde is not making it much easier. Vaguely sick babies who want to nurse when I want to sleep also do not make it easier. Vaguely sick babies who want to whine about everything...well, you see where this is going.

Kevin and I did manage to put off grocery shopping for one more day. I'm hoping this will somehow help our finances if not just our laziness. I mean sickness. He keeps trying to get me to commit to going to the grocery store with both boys. That is a hard committment for me to make. I talked him into just taking Caspian during naptime. He talked me into pasta and frozen meatballs for dinner and the grocery store tomorrow. Well, that's it. It's got to happen tomorrow. He sweetened the deal by saying he would still just go with Caspian and I could stay home with Zane.

Tune in tomorrow for another exciting installment of "When Will Terri and/or Kevin and/or Caspian and/or Zane make it to the grocery store". No one really knows!


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