Monday, November 13, 2006

Roomba Scooba

Doesn't that just sound like fun? Roomba Scooba. Sounds like some funky song or dance. Well, you probably know that's not the case. But it is fun for those of us with a house to clean. It means easier housework. Ok, if you still are not with me, Roombas and Scoobas are those vacuuming and floor washing robots, respectively.

This could really be the face of future cleaning products. It takes me back to my youthful days watching The Jetsons and their robot maid, Rosey. Who knew having robots do our work for us would happen so soon?

Now, granted, I don't actually do the vacuuming myself lately. My 8-year-old stepson does it. However, by making vacuuming fun, it would save me from hearing all the whining about chores. Even better, I could most likely keep him busy with other chores, saving me time for my bon bon eating (or blogging, more likely). I'll have to put these puppies on my Christmas list for sure.



Anonymous said...

These are on my super big wishlist for when we finally get a house!

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for this bit. I have heard of the Roomba but not the Scooba. What a cool name and it sounds like a great way of avoiding mopping! You should post a picture of your little friends. I assume these two allow you more time with your stepson.