Thursday, November 02, 2006

PayPerPost Forums

One of the cool things about PayPerPost is that the company strives to create community in all different ways. We have our profiles with pics, the staff participates and videotapes themselves, they've been featuring bloggers, and there is the forum where everyone gets to chat to everyone else.

There are sections in the forums for both bloggers and advertisers. I haven't really been to the advertiser section, mainly because I'm a blogger right now. (I've thought of being an advertiser, too, just haven't gotten that far yet.) I think I like the section that has posts on favorite opps and favorite posts the best. They also have spot for you to hook up with people from your "neck of the woods", a question and answer section, a spot for general discussion, and much more. For now, I've been mostly reading up in the forums, but I do intend to get in there more and get chatting.

Hope to see ya there!


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