Saturday, November 11, 2006

Flashlights, flashlights, and more flashlights

The other day Kevin positively freaked out about needing flashlights. Apparently, there was some sort of emergency and he couldn't find one around the house. He wrote a list of things we need and proclaimed "flashlights, flashlights, and more flashlights--probably one for every room. Good, quality flashlights, too. Not those cheap ones that don't work." Well, allright.

After doing a little bit of research, I have been learning that streamlight is a very good quality flashlight. also has an amazing selection of SureFire flashlights. I have read they are "compact, rugged, powerful, reliable, efficient." I'm no expert, but that sounds pretty good to me. They also carry other quality brands, such as Pelican.

These are serious lights (at discount prices), used for police, firefighting, military and hunting. And what's even better--any order over $29.95 gets free shipping via UPS. You know I love that.

I don't know if we would have a use for these, but they also carry gun mount lights. Plus, there is a nice selection of flashlight accessories.

Now, I'm not sure that we will be getting something for EVERY room in the house, but it is worth a look. Certainly, it's good to have a quality flashlight around in case of emergencies, and if you know any safety-conscious people, you know it would make a great stocking stuffer. Hmmm...good size for a stocking stuffer, too! (I guess, depending on what size you get!) Check them out!


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