Thursday, November 16, 2006

"'Wake" and "MINE"

Well, we have hit two new milestones somewhere in the past week and a half. My sweet baby Zane used to come and sit on my and cuddle me and say "milk" when he was tired and ready for bed. Now, when it comes time, he says, "'wake" because he knows that's the opposite of "sleep". When I say he needs to sleep, he says "No, No, No, No-nee. Yucky." Hmmm.

Also, we've succumbed to possessiveness. He is all about "MINE". Even if the thing in question isn't his. He likes to think it is. Sheesh. He claims some bizarre things, too, including a collection of Caspian's stuffed animals that are very tiny, ugly, and all clipped together as if they are a belt. I guess I could see the appeal to a toddler, but I have seen better belts. Will have to get a photo of that later. For now, here's Zane in his fort. (He's also into forts lately.)


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