Monday, November 20, 2006

Hot Tamale Confesses

Yay for HP! If you haven't been to the payperpost blog yet, you have to check it out. Veronique (a.k.a. Hot Tamale) is starring in a new confessional where she talks about the exciting happenings that are going on at PayPerPost, including the new PayPerPost client, HP, who graciously left a camera that found it's way into her hot little hands (did ya catch the pun there?).

Who wouldn't be excited for a new digital camera? God knows we would be around here. We LOVE taking pics and posting them. We especially need one that takes movies, because I've been having so much fun shooting videos for PayPerPost with the family. Our camera now is leaving a little to be desired. But also, it's exciting that such a well-known company has aligned with PayPerPost.

Check it out!


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