Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"I Don't Like Turkey Soup"

Ok, so this might be a little bit like Ham and The Ham Update, as in "funny to me for no apparent reason, but maybe funny to you?"

Here goes anyway...

This is my mom:

She doesn't like turkey. For some reason, Kevin and I forget that. I think it's because she likes all sorts of weird things like bizarre seafood salad, liver and onions, crabmeat omelets and other things we would never consider eating. Turkey seems benign to me in comparison, because really, unless you are a vegetarian, why wouldn't you like turkey? It's turkey.

Our friend made us some lovely gumbo from some leftovers from Thanksgiving. We warmed it up tonight for dinner, and we were all happily eating away (Think The Simpsons. No, just kidding, it wasn't that bad.) My mom lives with us, if you haven't caught that. As I tend to do, I said to my mom, "Mom, how's your gumbo?"

She answered, "I don't like turkey soup."

It just slayed Kevin and me. Because we were calling it gumbo the whole time, it really never occurred to us that the main ingredient was turkey. Or her either. I mean we knew it, but it was just so funny for some reason. I guess we maybe also forgot her dislike of turkey? Because I always do. So, we just proudly served her up some turkey soup, tricking her by calling it gumbo. Ha!



Heather said...

I don't much like turkey either.

Terri said...

ANOTHER One? Oy vey! ;)