Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Walls are Somewhat Bare, Too

Wow, I'm all about the home solutions today! This is the second time we've moved and worked, worked, worked on our house and then just STOPPED. I knew this was coming. Once we are done working on it, it doesn't go any further for quite some time, due to energy, time, and money.

One of the things that is lacking somewhat in our current state is things for the walls. However, this Wall Home Decor site, could be just the ticket. (Wow, I don't really think people say that anymore. That's the ticket, yeah.) They have some cool wrought iron wall decor pieces.

Check this one out:

This is just the sort of thing Kevin would really love, too. It's not always important to impress the man of the house with decor, but in our case, it's imperative. I'm sure he'd be all about the circular nature and the old world feel. Their prices are amazing, too, with some items as low as $19.99. They carry square, round, rectangle and swag wall decor pieces.

Some of their smaller items include flower boxes, candle sconces, cookbook holders, shelf brackets, votive holders, wall vases, and wall hooks. Personally, I really like the candle holder table runner.

Not only are the prices great, and the products unique, but they also offer shipping within 2 business days and free shipping on items over $150. Perhaps my walls won't be bare much longer!


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El Blog De Itzi said...

Yea I Liked is very pretty for my living room