Saturday, November 11, 2006

Julie Won the Wedding!

So, the PayPerPost wedding is all decided. Julie and Mike won! They are feverishly planning all the details of their wedding, which will take place on 11/18--OMG, that is in a week.

So, I'm sure they are up to their eyeballs in wedding stuff. This site has a lot of nice options for favors and various little must-haves for weddings - Vegas or otherwise.

What is it about a wedding that makes us feel so good? I get happy just thinking about it. Probably the optimism of getting married. The love. The two people loving each other so much that they will stand up in front of a webcam with a bunch of internet friends watching and proclaim it to the world. I guess that's not usually the way it happens, but welcome to 2006.

I'm so happy for Julie and Mike. I can't WAIT to watch their wedding.


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