Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Milkury Retrograde

OMG, after a night of bickering about pizza crusts and toppings and everything else, we finally found a little peace around here. Until Zane wanted milk. He acted like he wanted Mommy milk, but of course, no, he said, "cup". Ok, so I took him in the kitchen (his favorite place) and he had to go in the fridge. I get out the rice milk (as is usual). He says, "no-ney, no-ney no," and points to the cow's milk. So, I pour the rice milk back in the container and pour him the cow's milk. He say's "no-ney, no-ney, no," and points to the rice milk (near hysterics). So I pour the cow's milk back in the container, and give him rice milk. Then he sits it on the floor in the kitchen and says "cookie". When I give him one, he says "yucky". He needs a kit kat. Good Lord, Mercury, will you PLEASE just go direct? (Just a few more days, people.)


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