Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Love Your Floor

I'm all about the home lately. If you are, too, and looking to tile a floor (a lovely option), you should check out the Ceramic Tile On Sale - Fast Floors. They also have hardwood, laminate, bamboo, carpet tiles, rubber, and vinyl flooring.

Fast Floors has quite the selection at over 16,000 tile choices. But don't let that intimidate you at all, because the styles are neatly organized into categories that will help you to easily find whatever you need. You can search by price, by color, by width, or by surface type.

According to the site, "Another benefit of shopping at is their friendly, knowledgeable staff of flooring specialists. All are fully qualified and prepared to answer any flooring-related question. If they don’t have an immediate answer, they will get it and call the customer back.

In addition to flooring specialists, there are also order processors, freight handlers and customer service representatives who are dedicated to customer satisfaction. They make sure that all customers have a pleasant shopping experience and that they are completely happy with their purchases."

I also liked seeing that the sales people are salaried, not paid on commission. So, they are more invested in being helpful than just securing a high-cost sale.


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Mermaid said...

wow! thank you for the recommendation. I have been looking at other flooring sites lately and after reading this, I called FastFloors and they were able to match the price of their competitor plus I got free shipping!