Thursday, November 09, 2006

Great Gift for New Standers and Walkers

Allright, I know the holidaze are just around the corner. I'm not a big shopper, but I do like to get my money's worth. One thing I've noticed about kid and baby stuff is that it seems you either really, really, really love something and use it like crazy, or you never touch it. So, I thought I'd share some of my experiences in baby/toddlerland with you, in the hopes that perhaps you will buy more of the stuff you really really really love and less of the stuff you never use. Of course, each baby and each family will be different. I found I do well when I go with my gut, so always follow your instincts.

But, here is one thing we got about a year ago that my kid is STILL using. A baby toy that stays with him over a year? Sign me up. What is it? It's the Leapfrog LeapStart Learning Table. Wow! We are not the only ones who love this thing--over 950 reviews and it has 4.5 stars.

First, I will post MY cute pic of MY cute baby using it:

Allright, not the best picture of the product, but look at that little baby! (You can see more of the product at the above link.)

Why do we love it?

Helped him with standing and steadying
The music is decent enough
It's fun
It's attractive
It's small and lightweight, but still sturdy
It taught him to say "bye bye"
It just is not annoying, even in the morning (too bad)
He loves it
Runs around $40, but for over a YEAR of use? That is almost unheard of in my previous baby experience.

Ok, that is all.


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