Thursday, November 16, 2006

Stumped for Shameless Holiday Ideas?

Ok, am I really hawking holiday stuff this early? I don't mean to, but I guess I will use the GREAT excuse of "everyone else is doing it." That makes it right, right?

Well, this also gives me an opportunity to try out a new toy--the slide show. Lemme see if I can get one in here.

If YOU wanna be like all the cool kids, too, some of the most popular designs are "My Shirt Has Words On It", "I Might Be a Cylon", "If I Were a Monkey, I'd Throw Poop at You", and the (red-haired Kevin special) "My Red Hair Gives Me Super Powers".

All these shameless sayings and more can be found at Kevin's store, Shameless Humor. There are tons of designs on all different types of products, from tshirts and sweatshirts to mugs, cards, mousepads, kids apparel and MORE. They also have free shipping on ground orders of $50 or more. You KNOW I like that.


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