Monday, November 13, 2006

Speaking of bras...CelebrityTalk

I have been meaning to add a few of my writingUp buddies to my links to the right. Since I just blogged about bras, it seems apropos that I would discuss my friend CelebrityTalk at this point, and link to one of my favorite posts (perhaps of all time): I Burnt My Bra Yesterday. Go there. Go and read it. Go there now. (I think I may be developing a pushy little catch phrase!)

I wish I had more time to devote to everything. If I could, I would read every last post that CT has written. Maybe someday I will get to them all anyway. I would perhaps find out when she decided to stop talking about celebrities and just talk about whatever was on her mind. I tried to start from the beginning of her and find out what happened, but I haven't yet. But know this: she is an excellent writer with a lot to say. She is at once poetic and silly with a message that doesn't hit you like a message but rather whispers in your ear now and then so that it feels good to know that she is such a talented being of substance. Here is the main link to her blog: CelebrityTalk.

Go there. Now scram.


ps: My husband makes great rolls. Don't ask. Well, I'll probably tell you later anyway.

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