Thursday, November 23, 2006

Zane Loves to Build

Zane was having a good time putting together 1 or 2 of Caspian's old Mega Bloks. Well, I finally decided he was ready and I bit the bullet. I brought the whole freakin' bag in from the workshop. How fun.

Everyone loves to build with them. It's so sweet to see Zane and Caspian (and Kevin) playing with the blocks. They made a temple the other day. He likes to put things IN the temple. Including himself. I plan to get him some life-size blocks for Christmas. My Grandma had some when I was growing up and I LOVED them. There were never enough, though, so I'll be getting at least two packs. I think I'll get these. (Yes, we'll need AT LEAST 2 packages, methinks.)


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