Friday, November 03, 2006

Get out there and VOTE!

No, not for those crazy political elections. For the PayPerPost Wedding, of course! As I mentioned in a previous post, PayPerPost is sponsoring a crazy Las Vegas wedding for some lucky couple. They have narrowed it down to three eligible couples, one of whom will be the ones to get married on 11/18/06 (I think that is the same day as TomKat--is that so PayPerPost can avoid the paparazzi? Good thinking!)

It was tough for me to say who I would vote for. The first couple, Jamey and Lauren, had the whole coma story going on. That was a draw, I must say. The third couple, Mike and Corrin, met online, as did Kevin and I. And they used their PPP money to buy a puppy. That is a draw as well. However, I think I would give it up for geeky stalkers Michael and Julie. I like that they IM each other from nearby rooms and sit next to each other in bed with their laptops on their laps. I like that they each wrote part of their story, alternating between the two. I liked their picture with the crazy hats. Michael and Julie, it is (well at least for me)--Who will you vote for?


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