Monday, November 06, 2006

Dreadful Weigh In

Hmmmm...well, I was up ANOTHER 1.6 pounds today. I am not surprised. I know I had done wrong. Man, I cannot believe this stupid weight loss thing is such a struggle for me. I thought I had started down the right path. I guess I did. Then I went down the wrong one. Doh! So, anyway, today I am at 178.6. Grrrr. Not even close to breaking 175. I have about a million excuses, none of them are good, of course. My scale breaking put me off, Halloween put me off, quitting counting after Halloween put me off, Mexican feast last night put me off. Oh, and I have my period. That's a good one. I'm sure it's all bloating and next week I'll break that 175 barrier. Tune in next week...

(I think it's bad when I don't even have open in my browser.)


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