Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wallhogs: Unique Decoration

One of the coolest new things to come out in photo reproduction is Wallhogs. You submit a photo or graphic and it can be blown up to up to 7 feet tall by 53" for use on your wall. It's like a photo mural and can be completely personalized. You know we are all about murals at our place (with a nod to Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt). Not only that, but they can also take out anything in the background of the photo that you don't like and make it more like a cutout. Here's a sample of one:

There are so many possible fun applications to Wallhogs. (Pardon the pun.) Kids rooms are an obvious choice, using fun graphics or photos of the kids themselves! What about a life size wedding photo in your bedroom? (Ok, maybe not?) How about a huge portrait of the inlaws in the game room for dart throwing? Well, in that case it might need to be a secret game room, but sounds like fun, no? (Not MY inlaws, of course. They are awesome.) The nice thing about Wallhogs is that they are also super durable. So, I'm not sure if your inlaws would even be harmed in the darting process!


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