Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Anyone Need a Good Massage?

Or, would you like to learn how to give one? There was a time in my life when I so seriously considered going to massage school that I had the application all filled out and was on my way toward getting together all the materials I needed. I decided not to, because I wasn't really sure it was the profession for me. However, I've always loved being able to give (and receive!) a good massage. Someday I might even decide to get certified.

There are so many programs available for certification. This Massage Therapy School in Los Angeles looks like it has a lot to offer. They have a 150 hour training program to become a Certified Massage Therapist and an advanced program as well. But, I have to say what really excites me about this school is that they offer aromatherapy and energy programs. These newer modalities have been taking off in recent years and it would be so fun to learn them in a structured setting.

I think Kevin would love if I had this training, but I might have to wait until Zane is a little older.



Amy said...

I thought you were going to offer to give me a massage! As your betrothed, I think I deserve one.

Terri said...

Ah ha ha ha! Well, now that I have read your comment 2 weeks later (doy me), I can say, if you are ever in town... ;)

And HEY, this offer doesn't go for everyone out there!