Saturday, November 11, 2006

Oh Charisma!

Kevin is watching SciFi channel in the other room. (Sometimes I call it "Scream TV", because really, there is a lot of screaming on there.) Him watching SciFi is not earth-shattering news. If he's watching TV, there's like an 80% chance he's watching SciFi (unless it's early morning, in which case, it's always GMA.)

Anyway, he's watching some show called Voodoo Moon with Charisma Carpenter. He keeps insisting that she is throwing in little lines about how much she prefers Kevin Shamel to her co-stars, etc. It's probably his bedhead. He said she is ad-libbing because those writers don't even know him.

She is so silly. I mean, I know my husband is desirable, but she should just stick to the script.


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