Monday, November 27, 2006

Sob, Sob, Sob...NEED Camera!

We love digital photography in our house. Word on the street is that payperpost Prez Ted Murphy has been gifted some 10 sweet cameras and photo printers from HP. We would loooooooooove to be gifted a set from Prez Ted. We have very compelling reasons, so read on...

Unfortunately, we have NEEDED a new digital camera since the day we bought the one we currently have. We LOVE taking pictures. Both personally and professionally. Kevin even used the camera every day for a year on his website to document his glorious bed head. Let me tell you, sharing a camera wasn't great, either. As you well know, I LOVE putting pictures on my blog. I LOVE sharing pictures with my friends and family. I just LOVE photos. They add so much!

AND, my kids are so freakin' adorable, it's IMPERATIVE that I document their growing up years. Just look at them...

I bought our first digital camera right before Zane was born. That was a good move. But we didn't have a lot of money, so I got pretty much the bottom of the line. That camera more or less died within about a year. So, I bought a new one right before his 1st birthday (Feb 27, 2006). The new camera did not work at ALL when I first bought it. I had to limp by with the old camera for MY CHILD'S FIRST BIRTHDAY!!

As you can see, it worked out allright, but it was very stressful. We had to have some cake therapy.

I took the new camera back only to be humiliated at the store when it worked just fine. Now, by "just fine", I mean the camera's own version of "just fine". I think perhaps it is haunted. See, it has a mind of it's own. It spits on my attempts to take photos when I would like to catch a moment. It says, "No, I will take the picture when I am good and ready." The camera really has no artistic sense. It is usually good and ready about 45 seconds after the great shot moment has passed. This attitude is detrimental to taking photos of adorable children with stubborn attitudes.

We moved across the country this past year and don't have jobs yet. We're working on that, but new digital cameras of the caliber we need are not necessarily the most practical purchase at this point. Christmas is coming. We must capture the special moments at Christmas, no? Poor, unemployed artists need help, or we could miss important moments like this...

Now, if all this weren't enough to think we absomatutely NEED a new digital camera as a wonderful gift from my main catfeesh Ted, I will remind you that we just moved across the country. We have friends and family all over the place that NEED to see pictures of these kids. Do not deny them, I say. I'm not even daring to hope that the digital camera might have the capability to take movies. Oh, that would just put me over the edge of Heaven. I LOOOOOVE Video OPPS. Just love them. Love them, love them, love them!

I will add one final plea to the sad, desperate tale of my need for this glorious photo equipment. My husband, artistic, creative soul that he is, is also an extremely short tempered volatile redhead. (Ok, that might be a weeeee bit over the top, but go with me here.) He gets very ANGRY when the haunted camera defies him. It isn't pretty. A new camera could very well save our marriage.

Think about this. You could save a marriage.

This post is sponsored by HP.


ps--If none of this stirred your heartstrings, would you believe that leprechauns stole our camera and we need a new one? We need a new one!!!! Allright? We really, really, really need it!

pps--OH, and I'm getting my own domain on Thursday. Need great pictures! Need 'em. Really.

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