Thursday, November 09, 2006

So, How's Mercury Retrograde Treating You?

I have to say that this Mercury Retrograde is starting to take it's toll on me. If I were further along in my astrological studies, I could perhaps tell you why it's particularly hard on me this time around. But then you'd probably have to be further along in your astrological studies to understand it. Not that I think you aren't a good astrologer. Just that this isn't an astrology blog and I don't know if any astrologers really read it on a regular basis. So, if you are an astrologer and further along in your studies than I am, please don't be offended.

I do have to say that I think it might have something to do with the fact that Mercury is transiting Scorpio, which I'm sure isn't super easy for anyone. Scorpio is not known for being light and fun. Then when you add to it that Scorpio is my ascendant and square my sun. Well, not necessarily easy. And my husband's ruling planet is in Scorpio and his Venus and Mars. Well, it's been a barrel of monkeys around here. We've been dredging up our old issues and talking to each other in circles by pressing on our wounds.

And then there's the computers. And the internet businesses and jobs we have and/or are launching. Just crazy. For example, I wouldn't even be writing this, but cafepress is giving me error messages and I can't work on the big project I've almost finished. maybe they are back up (she conjectured after creating that link)? Dangit, I lost my groove over there.

Here's the thing about writing about this astro stuff. I feel like I am being too general in my comments for anyone who knows astrology and too specific for anyone who doesn't. Hmmm. One of these days I'll just have to write an astrology blog and be done with it. I have to pick an audience. I think I need to write for people who don't necessarily know astrology because I don't think I know enough to teach the people who know astrology anything worth a lick (at this point.) And anyway, not sure my fellow astrology studiers are reading anyway.

Ok, enough of that Mercury RetroRamble.

Be Patient
Retain your humor
SAVE often


Mercury never gets ya the way you think it will. Dangit. (But that's part of the fun?)


ps--feel free to comment on your Mercury Rx experiences if you have any!

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Anonymous said...

PPP HELL!! That is how DYM is treating me! WAHHHHHH! I am looking at a 50% failure rate for missing ops when I submit them, and 50% of the ones I actually get I get a bad link error. If I did not need the money so bad, I would be taking a break until AFTER MR clears up.