Tuesday, November 14, 2006

20 Months

We hit the 20-month milestone back on October 27th.

Now, this is not something I foresaw. (Don't worry, I foresaw 20 months coming, it is the following statement I did not foresee.) Now that we are at 20 months, I am constantly tempted to round up or just say that he's "almost 2". Where did that come from? I don't have a 2 year old!?!?! But he really is "almost 2". Yes, he is still 20 months, but I am just shocked that not only am I shocked at his age (I know, it happens to everyone), but that I would so readily round him up to 2. And Jane's Addiction said "Nothing's Shocking." Well, they were wrong. Oh, hey, I got a picture of Zane's "shocked" or "surprised" face tonight. I'll have to add it.


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Amy said...

And the time just keeps going faster the older they get, sadly.