Sunday, November 19, 2006

Smoking Cessation, Day 2

How's it going, you ask? Well, it's going.

He's not smoking. He's freaked out. He can't think or use his hands properly. They feel big. I don't get it. The nicotine patch seems to be helping. And going out to the porch to "not smoke". Heck, going out to the porch to "not smoke" helped me tonight. I should do that more often. I never get to just leave a situation. But I did. It was nice. It's been a little stressful here the past couple hours. Aaaaaaahhhh. Just the usual family/kid/new nonsmoker stuff. We'll be allright. But if you want to keep praying, I won't tell you no.

I plan to purchase my own domain tomorrow. Woooo. I'm having a little trouble picking a chart for the time, but I think I have one. More details to come...


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