Sunday, November 26, 2006

Test Tube Aliens Have Landed

Whose side are you on? Ok, that's the tagline for these funny little aliens you can order.

You have to check this out: alienadoptionworld. This looks like a lot of fun for kids. And maybe certain husbands as well. Not saying whose. Just certain husbands might like this. Actually, it looks pretty darn funny to me. Apparently it's all over youtube. A search of "test tube alien" did yield a number of videos there.

Here's how it works:

1. Order the alien
2. A test tube is sent with a powdery chrysalis
3. Just add water
4. It starts to hatch
5. Then you can interact with it through the research lab online
6. You also get food called "sloog" that you feed it
7. Your alien grows to adulthood in a few weeks
8. You can continue to interact with it online for a few months

This is better than a pet rock!


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