Thursday, November 23, 2006

BEST Science Gift for Kids

Caspian is all about exploring the natural world. In fact, the funniest thing happened when Kevin was talking about making rolls with yeast the other day. He asked what yeast was and Kevin said "little animals". Based on that, Caspian decided he was going to be a vegetarian. It really didn't work out for him (he loves the meats), but we found out a few days later he thought Kevin meant chinchillas and hamsters and such. With a microscope, he could SEE the little animals and know they weren't hamsters. I bet he would love that. And I have just the source.

There is an amazing selection of high-quality microscopes at

Here's a very affordable digital model:

You can find a great number of gifts for children there as well. Many of the microscopes come at huge deals and also have free shipping for orders over $29.95.

Also, check out these gift packages:
Young Scientist
Fun Science
Observe the World
Magnify the World

If you're still not sure, gift certificates are available.

Plenty of more sophisticated models are also available: scientific stereo, compound, digital, photo, and video camera microscopes. You can even outfit a doctor's office or medical lab!

Caspian could definitely check for chinchillas in his soup with those babies. (Isn't it rather comical that he had no problem eating the chickens, but it was the "little animals" that bugged him!)

This site has thousands of gift possibilities and also offers an "Extended No Hassle Holiday Return Policy". That's always important at holiday time. Go shop now for the little (or big) geek, I mean science lover, on your list!


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