Thursday, November 02, 2006

Peace Scouts: One of the Reasons I Love Olympia

Check out this flyer Caspian brought home from school:

"Boys and Girls K-4th grade

Join Peace Scouts!

Peace Scouts are of teams of children in search of the “Powers of Peace.” Children gather to learn about the many powers of peach through trust-building and problem-solving. Together we’ll explore what fuels peace and how peace can be put into action. Children work cooperatively to earn Peace Patches. The patches, designed by Olympia artist Nikki McClure, include

· Dove Patch-The foundation Peace Patch
· Dr Suess Patch-The Power of Imagination
· Rachel Carson Patch-The Power of Wonder
· Black Elk Patch-The Power of Vision
· Rosa Parks Patch-The Power of Action
· Dalai Lama Patch-The Power of Kindness
· Rigobertu Menchu Patch-The Power of Place
· Nelson Mandela Patch-The Power of Truth"

Now I just hope he wants to do it!


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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a former resident and lover of Olympia! A greener, who has set forth into other parts of the world, Michigan, in fact, to bring some of the ideas with me and do good work. I am in process of researching Peace Scouts in hopes of establishing a group here in Grand Rapids, and if you have contacts from the Oly Peace Scouts that would be very helpful! Thanks, and be well,