Thursday, November 02, 2006

Heavy's Angels just launched a new webcam contest they are calling Heavy's Angels. I have to say, I'm not quite sure if this is geared toward men (think so), but I got hooked. Their slogan is "20 Women and a Camera. Wanna Watch?" Well, yeah, I kinda do. Some were fabulous, some were so so, some were total bombs, but it was fun.

What's the contest about? The girls get prizes based on how popular their videos are. If you want to hear the dope from one girl's mouth, check out this vid. After 6 months, the winner gets a car.

I had a few favorites. I think the first one I randomly selected was my favorite still. I will embed her out of my love for her vid:

The not cooking thing. The comedy. The music. The French. The whimsy. Way to go LamoLaura.

Allright, I think this girl is my second favorite, Kimberleigh. I will embed her, too. Careful kiddies, this one is pg-13.

She's hilarious. I like the music. I like the look of it. I liked the fonts. Kimberleigh is just cool.

CarlaG was kinda funny. She told a story. A realistic one. Good acting.

Jillian Ann had some cool things going on. Interesting to learn more about the inside life of a model. Nice editing. Good music. The secret life of models.

BiJulesNYC was funny. A slice of life. Not PC.

And, my final thumbs up goes to Swiftmoney. Funny, nice editing, nice acting. Starbucks. I am a little conflicted on Starbucks. I do love them now. I didn't at first. I kinda love Starbucks. So, I'm sorry for this Starbucks. Swiftmoney is baggin' on your sandwiches. But I've never had them. It's just a good vid.

So, go check it out. It's fun. And your favorite chick could win a car. I like it when my favorite chicks when cars.


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