Saturday, November 04, 2006

Learn from The Donald

Those who can't do, teach. Pah! Check out the new Trump University Marketing Mastery Program. Don't tell me Trump can't market.

TrumpU has an impressive list of faculty, including Don Sexton, MBA, PhD, who has been a full time faculty member at Columbia University School of Business for nearly four decades and is a consultant to Fortune 500 companies.

The program is designed to get you on track with a superior marketing strategy in only four months. And learning online is fun. From their website: "You'll engage interactively through video tutorials, online activities, downloadable audio sessions you can listen to anywhere, and live teleseminars including Q&A sessions with top marketing professionals."

You'll learn in some of the best ways possible: by example, by doing, and by applying what you learn to your own company's real-life marketing challenges. The site also includes detailed information on what you'll be learning and the specific curriculum used to teach it. (Page down to see this information once you get there.)

It looks like an interesting, worthwhile program.


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