Saturday, November 04, 2006

Here's One for Julie!

Well, Julie is gaining ground in the PayPerPost wedding competition, so I thought maybe she'd be interested in these candle wedding favors. I mean, what's a wedding without favors, right?

Ok, honestly, I normally think things like this can be a little hokey. But, when done right, favors can be very nice. From what I saw, I liked these! They were unique and elegant, dare I even say "classy"? Well, you know that's hard for me to say.

Check out these Garden Glass Gel Candle sets. I thought they were very nice, but not sure they'd be right for Julie. Lemme see if they have anything with tiny laptops on them. Ha ha...just kidding (well, it would be cool if they did have something like that!)

I liked these little Garden-Themed votives, too. Julie's a Capricorn and feels pretty earthy to me, so I think perhaps she'd like these.

Congrats to whoever wins, and I hope it's a lovely wedding!


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